This is where we are people. Watching someone for hours doing nothing. I suppose, in a way, this is the new culture of the internet. Want to make something popular? Do something as stupid as possible. In a way though, this did feel very artsy.

Kaplan, head designer for the game Overwatch, sat in silence for 10 hours. Only to be interrupted by a phone call, in which he replied “I’m really sorry, I can’t take a call from a telemarketer right now,” he said. “I’m doing this thing where I sit in front of a fire for 10 hours. It’s kind of hard to explain. I’m going to have to call you back.” and to eat a cookie, in which he said “That’s delicious! I could eat this all day long.”

In typical fashion, this has exploded, and become insanely popular with stupid people.

Even the boom mic operator got bored.

The website Gamespot reported that at its peak the video was being watched by an audience of 39,434 simultaneous viewers. Get a life, people.