Ahhh 2000….the first new millenium of the modern age, the year of Y2K Bugs, The year of the Playstation 2, and the year of the infamous Nokia 3310.

2000 also saw the release of Timesplitters. Published by one of the largest publishers of the era, Eidos, the game revolves around the concept of travelling through time in a story mode spanning 100 years. The FPS set a precident as one of the best console First Person shooter (FPS) games of its time.

The latest sequel Timesplitters: Rewind, announced back in 2013, received its latest developer VLOG update on 31st December 2017.

While development on TimeSplitters Rewind has been bumpy, progress is finally being made after Cinder Arts has managed to work with Crytek to push past some of the initial issues with the CryEngine. Of course, the team has noted several times that it is less the fault of the engine and more the experience of the part-time team behind the work, but these issues have since been minimalised.

The main focus of the team has been to bolster the amount of weapons available at the yet-undisclosed launch of the game, in order to more accurately reflect the three TimeSplitters titles that Rewind is updating. This is propelled by adding more Weapon Artists into the fray, helping to create a healthy mix between sci-fi and traditional weapon sets.