Today, AMD announced its CPU roadmap for 2018, while also lowering prices for 1st gen Ryzen processors.

  • Threadripper 1950X and 1920X processors will remain at $999 and $799 (for now).

Ryzen 7 (8C/16T):

  • The 8C/16T 1900X is reduced to $449
  • The 1800X is reduced to $349
  • The 1700X is reduced to $309
  • The 1700 is reduced to $299

Ryzen 5 (6C/12T):

  • The 1600X is reduced to $219
  • The 1600 is reduced to $189

Ryzen 5 (4C/8T):

  • The 1500X is reduced to $174
  • The New 2400G is $169

Ryzen 3:

  • The 1300X is staying at $129
  • The New 2200G is $99

The Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G are new second generation Ryzen processors. AMD’s Ryzen desktop 2000 series is expected to launch this year, with improvements made to the technology introduced in the first generation Ryzen series. They will all be based on the 12nm process node, rather than the 14nm we saw on the 1st Gen series.

Process technology optimizations have been made to allow for higher clock speeds with lower power requirements. Silicon improvements have been made for better cache, latency and importantly, memory speed. DDR4 speeds is something that Ryzen struggled with a bit at launch, so it seems like this was an area of focus for the 2000 series. Second Gen Ryzen desktop CPUs will also bring in new 400-series motherboards, which will be compatible with older Ryzen processors.

This is an exciting time for gamers, with a slew of options in 2018 from both AMD and Intel!