In an interview published by EA Games, Art Director Steve Uphill, Producer Robert Wyle and Designer John Stanley From Criterion Games, discuss their creative collaboration, with Lucasfilm to develop Fondor Dock for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II.

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How did you arrive at the decision to develop Fondor Dock? 

Steve Uphill: We always wanted to develop some type of dock and Lucasfilm proposed that we focus on a level around Fondor, which is an Imperial Industrial system.

We were really excited about this, as Fondor is a planet that hadn’t been shown in film before. So we had an opportunity to get creative and visualize how this location could appear.


What type of research did you carry out to inform its visual language?

SU: We looked at Imperial structures, existing Star Wars space stations, and the Shield Gate above Scarif in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

After pitching variations on dock design, Lucasfilm directed us to look toward aircraft carriers for inspiration, which really pushed us in a positive direction.


What gameplay considerations did you have for the map?

Robert Wyle: From a map point of view, we figured out that we wanted three phases.

Phase one, the initial fight around the Turrets with some Imperial cruisers.

Phase two, the tunnel moment, which was key to having a Death Star styled trench run – a classic Star Warsmoment.

Phase three, taking down a Star Destroyer.