Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5 has long been famous for his meticulous music production. With one of the worlds only Dolby Atmos certified studios in his home in Canada, deadmau5 has started making a name for himself, streaming on the popular gaming platform Twitch with games such as PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds.

Following the announcement that he’s building a LAN/gaming center in Canada, Zimmerman unveiled his progress on the new game. He’s working with Unreal Engine to develop the project, which is still in the “early ‘alpha alpha’ testing” phase.

Zimmerman has recently unveiled footage of his progress during one of his Twitch streaming sessions. Zimmerman went on to share more about the development of the game via Reddit: “We’re just setting up some basic mechanics, getting a space together where we can jam out in an arena of sorts and spitball ideas…once we’ve agreed on that and nailed in network code and sever delegation, we head down the ‘fun and original secondary objective’ route.”