Dr. Disrespect ended 2017 in controversy when he admitted on stream that he had cheated on his wife. From that moment, fans were unsure if Dr. Disrespect was going to stream again. However, a video surfaced early 2018 with his wife holding a knife to his neck. We could only assume this meant his marriage was back on-track, with a stream coming on the 6th of February.

Dr. Disrespect first streaming event of 2018 was nothing short of outstanding. Hitting over 380k co-current views, the Doc was instantly trending.

The stream got a complete makeover. Gone is The Slick Daddy Club – replaced with The Champions Club (which constantly reminds me of Quake Champions for some reason), a complete overhaul of Dr. Disrespect design, including new cutscenes, music, and sound effects. The intro music was from Deadmau5.

It was impressive.

Not only was the shows new digs impressive, but his first game, which he played PUBG, was very impressive. With a total of 11 kills, most headshots with the AWM, Dr. Disrespect ended up winning the game.

It wasn’t just his aim which was impressive. Fans were donating hundreds of dollars. Multiple donations of $500+ were going past the screen on a regular basis. It’s times like these where I think I need a new job.

An impressive start from Dr. Disrespect. I hope the best is yet to come.

Update: Dr. Disrespect addressed the scandal later in the stream