UPDATE: See Docs new stream

With dozens of fans and subs spamming his chat, it looks like Doc will soon be back online.

The allegations against craysound have also been denied by her housemate venom in this thread on reddit.

Many twitch fans were shocked last week by the unexpected announcement from the man behind Dr Disrespect, Guy Beahm. He appeared on his twitch stream without costume to announce that he had been unfaithful to his wife and daughter of 3 years old. In the announcement he apologised to his family, his sponsors and his fans, and announced he would be taking some time off.

Last night, while streaming PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds – one of the titles DrDisrespect is most known for, one of the Docs top mods, OHMEGA announced he had incriminating evidence about the doc. He went on to share, that he knows of four different women that DrDisrespect has cheated on his wife with over the last 2 years.

DrDisrespect was quick to demote him this morning, following OHMEGA quickly deleting the VOD and apologising on Twitter

This comes hot on the heels of speculation that the woman involved was infact a female Twitch streamer. Keemstar backed this up in an announcement that Twitch Streamer, DJ/Artist & Model “Craysounds” (Real name: Cheney Ray, 24, Canada) is the “side chick”.

Crays twitter has been spammed with many of Doc’s fans, posting remarks in reply to her tweets. In one comment, Cray has responded that “the accusations are false” – however there has been no subsequent follow up to the allegations other than this one occurrence. Cray also posted shortly after Docs announcement that she was unwell and had to go to hospital, providing a seemingly convenient reason not to respond to allegations over a 3 day period following the controversy.

Currently this is all hearsay, but it comes after some rather damning evidence with Doc and Cray being filmed together by Burger Andy, in a bar following the main Twitchcon event.

This also follows from observations made by redditor zabudabi in October, of Dr Disrespect hitting on “titty streamers” until 2AM following the Twitchcon Event

He has also commented since to confirm that DrDisrespect was very interested in Burger Andy’s stream earlier in the night, but appeared agitated when Andy continued to film him outside while he was flirting with a girl who kept touching his chest