Earlier this week, Microsoft and Nvidia/AMD showcased their Ray Tracing technology at Game Developers Conference (GDC). Now Epic Games, the developer behind the huge success Fortnite, has talked more about it during their ‘State of Unreal’ panel, showcasing three videos demoing the technology.

Unreal Engine will be one of the first to support Ray Tracing. There are three incredibly impressive demo videos currently online, showing off real-time generated graphics, using Ray Tracing, motion capture, facial animation mapping and more.

Ray tracing is used here to create reflections, lighting, shadows and improved depth of field.

This video focuses on real-time performance capture. Here we see motion capture, facial animation mapping and 3D modelling all at play to create a realistic ‘digital human’.

This one features Andy Serkis performing a monologue from Macbeth. His motion capture is applied to an alien creature, once again showing off how impressive Unreal Engine’s new tech really is.