The latest v4.1 Fortnite Update goes live about the time this article is being published, and it brings with it a special update to Battle Royale.

The main event is the limited time mode, Avengers: Infinite War. This will be Epics first release of branded content, pathing a new way for Fortnite to evolve its storyline.

The only details we have so far are from the promo video, but it seems that players will be able to collect the Infinity Gauntlet somewhere on the map in order to transform into Thanos, powers and all. Somehow it appears other players can also gang up on Thanos and claim the gauntlet to then play the character themselves. We look forward to seeing how this plays out!

Season 4 which just dropped last week, is blockbuster themed and already sports superhero skins so it seems only fitting that this content would be super hero based as well.

We’re yet to see what else will be included with the v4.1 Update besides a few tweaks and bug fixes, but sources says that Epic Games is now planning on changing the map weekly which is long overdue for a Battle Royale style game. We expect to also see further development of the superhero blockbuster theme with other heroes centered around some of BR’s most famous locations as the season progresses.