It’s probably no surprise, but Fortnite is now the biggest game on Youtube, eclipsing Minecraft.

Fortnite has been smashing records for months now, with the game now almost always #1 on Twitch at any given time. This has been helped recently by a number of streamers converting from PUBG to Fortnite. I found this quite odd at the time, but it seems that Epic Games is sponsoring many people and videos.

PewDiePie has alluded to this in his recent video

What’s interesting about all of this is that there was a feud in 2017 between Bluehole Studios, the makers of PUBG and EpicGames, the makers of Fortnite. This has come about because PUBG runs on the Epic engine, made by Epic Games. There was a bit of back and forth between the companies, accusing each other of copying.

Who knows if Epic Games copied, but they surely must have seen the money-making potential. I say this as a player of the other mode of Fortnite, Save the World. This was the original Fortnite mode where you had to buy access. Many players spent quite a lot of money on this mode and still do to this day. This really funded Epic Games to develop Fortnite further. I believe, that once they saw the popularity of PUBG running on their gaming engine they knew they could quite easily replicate this with Fortnite.

So not only is Epic Games making money off Fortnite: Save the World, and Fortnite Battle Royal, it’s likely making money off PUBG’s use of the Epic engine as well. Well done.

But it looks like Epic Games is really taking salt to the wound, by sponsoring many Youtube videos and Twitch streams. This coincides with the massive increase in Fortnite videos on Youtube and the massive decline of PUBG on Twitch.

The fight is still on-going with both companies releasing mobile versions of their games within days of each other.

Bluehole will need a new battleplan to take on Epic Games. As it stands now, they are getting slaughtered.