The latest Patch v4.2 from Epic Games, for it’s popular Battle Royale game Fortnite was to be pushed out yesterday, but was delayed for 24 hours due to technical issues.

Epic Games have today gone ahead with pushing their latest update, and have also just released the patch notes on what we can expect in this latest update. So what can we expect from the latest update when the servers come back online?

The majority of the update is bug fixes for the large update received at the start of May v4.1, but it does introduce a few new aspects to the game.

Epic and Legendary Burst Assault rifles have now been added to both the Battle Royale (PvP) and Save the World (PvE) modes.

Perk Recombobulator (Save the World) allows you to effectively re-roll the perks on your weapons and choose which perks (including elemental attributes) you want to assign to your favourite weapons and guns. You will be required to collect resources called “Re-Perk” and “Perk-Up” in order to make these enhancements. And to add elemental attributes you will need to use “Fire-Up”, “Amp-Up” and “Frost-Up” resources. This should make it not only more consistanf ro new players, but also to recycle some of the ‘legacy schematics’ that are lacking in some areas. If perks don’t convert over to the new system, then it will have a FREE perk slot assigned to it, to allow you to choose a replacement perk. Check it out in the below dev update.

Quad Launcher (Save the World) fires 4x the rockets, so must be 4x the fun right?  Available in the Weekly store, fires 4 incendiary rockets that leave balls of fire behind after they explode.

As with Heroes, players will now have the ability to upgrade the rarity of their Weapon and Trap schematics as well, something we at GetRekt have been waiting for, given we’re constantly recycling Epic & Legendary schematics! Legacy schematics will have to go through the perk recombobulator before they can use this option.

There’s a lot more as well, so head over to Epic Games website and check out the full patch notes.