While Battle Royale keeps getting the love, this looks like it’s finally about to change. Save the World, the big boy version of Fortnite, is about to get a serious update – and it’s about time.

The major features are:

Player Reporting: Finally you will be able to report players for leeching off you, and just being a pain in the ass. This is a huge problem at the higher levels where players come and join your game, sit there and do nothing.

I am a big fan of introducing an idle timeout, but this will do in the meantime.

Canny Valley: Is finally getting a campaign. More information about the elusive Dr. Vinderman will be available. Hopefully, this will lead to further zones being introduced.

Other features include Builder Pro, new enemies (we need this), changes to heroes and skills, mini-bosses and more!

Are you excited? I am. Save the World is a very good concept. If it was updated as much as the Battle Royal counterpart, it would be an excellent game. This I’m sure is down to the cost. While it will be free once it comes out of early access, I don’t think this is going to be for some time.

I believe the reason Save the World is getting more attention now is that Battle Royal players are using their V-Bucks to purchase the game. This is good, as Save The World seems far busier now than before, which leads to more players in-game.