Update 7/01/2018: Police want to talk to Logan Paul

It didn’t take long for the YouTube drama to start in 2018.

If you didn’t know, Logan Paul is a youtube ‘star’ with around 15m subscribers. He’s become more famous recently by doing vLogs daily for the last 420 days.

This time, Logan Paul decided it would be a good idea to illegally film a walk-about in the Japanese Suicide forest. Not only does Logan film in the forest, he finds a dead body there. Logan and his crew filmed the dead body, including close up pictures, all while laughing and making jokes.

It didn’t take long for the internet to get their pitchforks out, and rightly so. Logan quickly took the video down, and issued an apology where he mentions himself more than 27 times, and includes an emoji as well as a hashtag (wtf?)

Logan tried to justify the video by saying he was bringing awareness to suicide, as well as demonetizing the video. The problem with this argument is: 1. you can do this without including the filming of a dead body, 2. the video would never have been monetized by YouTube anyway.

This apology has now been followed up with a YouTube clip.

It hasn’t taken long for other famous stars to start putting the boot in. I was awaiting PewDiePies response to this since in the past, Felix has got so much hate and outrage of things he has said, it was very relevant. Felix first posted a message on Twitter last night.

This really sums it up quite nicely. Felix followed this up today with a YouTube video.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Felix lost his YouTube Red show in the midst of the backlash against him and his anti-Semitic comments. In my opinion, what Logan Paul has done is far worse.