One of the biggest upcoming Twitch streamers lately has been ninja, averaging about 60k viewers concurrently watching him play the popular game Fortnite. With his growing viewer count, he has also been reaching some top-level streamer subscription numbers with 27k subs in January, and 69k subs in February.

Subscriptions on Twitch, allow viewers to support their favorite streamers by providing a $5, $15 or $25 donation. Typically Twitch and the Streamer split this 50/50. The subscriber receives access to subscriber features such as additional sub only emotes, a sub badge in chat and the ability to chat during sub-only mode.

Today, ninja shattered all his records when he had the famous musician, Drake join him from 1AM to play Fornite. As of 4AM, ninja had skyrocketed to over 600,000 concurrent viewers – almost 10x is typical viewer base, with his donations jumping from 69000 last month to over 178,000 subscribers!

To put this into context, if all these subs were the lowest tier of $4.99 – that would be cash in pocket to ninja of over US $420,000. Additionally to subs, viewers also have the ability to donate cash straight out, as well as “cheer” in bits which allows a viewer to have his comment seen. The streamer also receives a small kick back from this as well.

Not only do viewers get to watch one of their favorite music icons play one of the biggest games of all time, they also get to watch a few crazy things such as cross-platform play – with ninja playing on PC, while Drake plays on PS4. Also some interesting facts, did you know that Drake likes pineapple on pizza?!?!?

The Fortnite servers will be going down at 5AM for maintenance, but this stream has already broken all previous non-tournament records – including Dr Disrespect with over 388,000 viewers.