Today, PUBG Corp released the patch notes for its March 2018 1.0 Update #7 patch being deployed to test servers today, ahead of the production launch next week. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • 37 Steam Achievements added
  • A new Emote system
  • Enhanced effects for interaction with world materials
  • Enhanced the gun scope view
  • Load screen voice chat and PUBG friends list
  • Performance optimizations
  • ……and many bug fixes

PUBG Corp, also released its 2018 Roadmap today, directed at players to let them know what they can expect in the coming months. PLAYERUNKNOWN goes on to write:

“We’ve worked hard over the past 2 years to build a good foundation for the most realistic Battle Royale experience out there. This year we plan to build on that foundation and really start to polish our features, squash the remaining bugs and expand the game even further.”

So what can we expect to see?

April 2018, a new 4x4km island map will be deployed on Experimental Test Servers for players to try out. It will offer a higher player density and shorter matches for those looking for a much more intense and faster paced experience. This is separate from the new upcoming map 3 we mentioned in a previous article. This may be more of a stripped down Erangel Island.

They mention testing of the new emote system, which has kicked off testing as mentioned in the Update #7 notes. They will also look to expand on the emotes throughout the year.

2018 will see some new Game Modes for PUBG. Unfortunately no specifics on this have yet been released, but we hope to see Island Races which are extremely popular in custom games!

New vehicles will be coming in the first half of the year, as well as expanding the catalogue of weapons and attachments throughout 2018.

PLAYERUNKNOWN teased the below image of an upcoming weapon. WIth the notched upper rail and the slanted stock, we believe this may be the FN-FAL…only time will tell.

An FN-FAL for comparison:

The new 8×8 map is being actively worked on for a release in coming months. As with the smaller 4×4 map, it will be released to Experimental Test first for players to provide feedback to the development team.

The team will soon start testing  limb and vehicle bullet penetration. This will add depth to the ballistic system and increase realism within the game.

2018 will also see the entire animation system for both TPP and FPP modes overhauled, to make them smoother and more reactive to the environment. Including animations for getting into vehicles and changing seats.

There will also be an overhaul to the parachuting system, to make it more responsive and polish the overall look of the animations.

PUBG Corp go onto write that they will continue to deliver on their responsibility to their players to provide a smooth, stable and secure environment – continuing their effort against cheaters and to improve performance.

There are many more things mentioned, so feel free to visit their website to check out the full roadmap.