The latest patch “Update #12” has just been released to PUBG’s test servers, and it brings a huge number of changes to the popular Battle Royale game. The update is still being tweaked and Bluehole are open to community feedback on its current state, but its most crowd-pleasing addition will likely be the ability to select a specific map to play.

PUBG’s new menu UI option enables players to choose either a single map – guaranteeing that it will be their destination – or multiple maps which the game will then randomly select from during matchmaking. Unsurprisingly, only Erangel and Miramar are currently available, but there’s space for PUBG’s new tropical-themed map when it arrives later this year.

The weapon system has been divided with a new weapon class system as well. Along side the SMG (Sub Machine-gun), AR (Assault Rifle) and SR ( Sniper Rifle) you now have the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). Along with the new categorisation, the latest update also introduces a new DMR, called the SLR. This is more powerful than an SKS, and more recoil but substantially faster bullet travel.

Alongside the SLR, the update introduces more weapon attachments, including the Duckbill, Light Grip, Thumb Grip, Half Grip, Scope 3x, and Scope 6x.

Speaking of the weapon system, sights now have multiple reticle options available including the dot, crosshair and chevron, in multiple colors. The recoil system, damage, and reload time has also been adjusted to take into account the new DMR category.

Update #12 also introduces a new vehicle, the Mirado. A classic four-seat muscle car found on the main city streets and downtown areas of Miramar. The Mirado is designed to complement existing Miramar-exclusive vehicles, says Bluehole, and provides “the fastest way to blaze down a highway”.

Speaking of Miramar, tweaks have also been made to the map to add further balances for combat engagement. Bluehole has increased the size of the oasis and added more buildings nearby, more small building sets near larger cities, reduced the number of buildings within cities, and removed excessive cover points (rocks, drums, boxes) inside cities and towns and added more cover points in open areas of the map.

There are a tonne of other tweaks in this update than those mentioned here, so make sure to check out the patch notes!