For many players, their first experience of PUBG is the spawn island to the NE corner of the original map known as Erangel.

Players battled it out to dominate other players on the holding island while waiting for the match to start. Trying out various weapons, trading clothes in anticipation for the drop, screaming at eachother and generally running amok.

In the latest update to Steam’s most popular game, developers tweaked the spawn by distributing players, together with their squad, around the map in order to optimize the server and game client performance. They have also removed weapons from the starting island and other starting areas, to reduce the particle effects of smoke grenades and bullet fire in a concentrated area.

This update has been applied to both maps, Erangel and Miramara. A number of our community have played the latest updates and reported drastically improved loading times.

Unfortunately the latest update has also introduced a few bugs, the most annoying of which is stuck loading screens which eventuate into “Ghosted Teammates”.

When joining the match, we’ve received many reports of players getting stuck on the “PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds” black loading screen. If you do not rejoin the match prior to the airlift, then your team marker will track to the far corner of the map, and your team will not be able to identify you by marker. This makes you both vunerable to your own team not being able to track/recognise you, and also results in them and you, having issues picking each other up if knocked.

These glitches have already been picked up by the PUBG development team and are in progress, hopefully they will be fixed by the next round of patches!

Now as of last month, and with more info spreading this month – there is talk of the new “map 3”, for now named as the “Adriatic Map”. Info has been gleaned from an FAQ on the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds site, which has since been removed.

It says the upcoming map is the same size as the original island map, Erangel, and located on an island in the Adriatic Sea. At its centre is a snowy cluster of mountains, offering the game’s millions of players somewhere they can finally wear those puffer jackets looted from all over Erangel. There will also be a stretch of Mediterranean coastline and a dense forest section of the map. Brendan Greene revealed that the cosmodrome would feature several massive buildings full of loot, but that the team have had to scale down their ambitions.

“I see [a level designer] work on the cosmodrome, and the guy who is working on the buildings – the first round of buildings he did were massive. You could host two or three whole battle royales within these buildings. They had 50 floors, they were gigantic, but they made the area look super cool. We did have to cut them down and make them more manageable”

In terms of key buildings, only one has been mentioned: a massive, Soviet-era cosmodrome. Hopefully we get to hear more about this map as the year progresses, but it is not expected until Q4 of 2018.