As  Ubisofts aclaimed 2015 hit, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege, enters its third year – the game has today received its most ambitious update so far. In December the publisher and developer announced that it had reached 25 million players across all platforms, and its player base has only continued to expand.

Along with its Year 3 season launch, the patch notes show an impressive amount of enhancements added in the “Operation Chimera” update.

The largest addition to the game is Outbreak, a limited time, 3-player cooperative mode that pits the Rainbow Six operators against a “mysterious parasite infection” in New Mexico. Outbreak comes with three maps at a Resort, junkyard and Hospital.


Outbreak also includes five types of impressive-looking enemies. These are Grunts, Smashers, Breachers, Apex and Rooters; all with their own special skills. Currently Outbreak is scheduled to run from now until 3 April 2018.

In addition, we’re getting two new operators, both billed as biohazard specialists designed to counter the infected hordes. Oliver “Lion” Flament is an attacking operator from France that comes with a drone capable of revealing enemy movement in a given area. We also have Lera “Finka” Melnikova, another attacking operator and native Chernobylian. Finka has special nanobots that boost HP and steady aim for herself and her team. Both operators will be available in both the Outbreak event and the main game.

We’re also getting seasonal cosmetics and a new Season 3 pass, as well as some operator balance changes: Ela is getting a nerf, and Blitz’s stats are getting a rewrite. There are also a few bug fixes and quality of life changes, including tweaks to how melee attacks work and the removal of the ability to walk on deployable shields.