Sea of Thieves is the much anticipated new game published by Microsoft, and developed by UK based game development company Rare. Through its Closed Beta testing, Sea of Thieves has been a breath of fresh air for gamers, showcasing as one of the top games on Twitch by popular streamers such as Summit1G, JoshOG and chadd.

In just under a month of the games highly anticipated release, the developer has announced that they will never implement loot crate systems – scrutinized recently with games such as Star Wars: Battlefront II & Fortnite, where lootbox systems are tied to game progression.

“What I will confirm is there are no microtransactions for launch. At all,” design director Mike Chapman tells PC Gamer. “Based on us continuing to build this game, we’ll probably consider some form of microtransaction. What we will say is there will never be loot crates in Sea of Thieves. There’ll never be a form of gambling in Sea of Thieves, of any description.”

This lines up with the information uncovered by dataminers during the beta, as a premium shop is hidden within the game’s code. Of course, now we know that this won’t be a launch feature and Rare has since confirmed that it is considering cosmetic microtransactions only. Pay-to-win mechanics are “completely out of the question,” emphasises Chapman.

In an interview with Rare studio CEO Craig Duncan, Eurogamer confirmed that the first lot of microtransactions will be pets for players, with monkeys being confirmed among the selection. These animals will be creatures that anyone can handle in-game, which Duncan swears will lead to funny scenarios.

“It’s entirely optional, but if you had a monkey, for example, you’ll be able to hold it like you can other things in the game, but then I’ll also be able to hold it, then drop it overboard, because that’s funny,” Neate explained. “It’ll come back. It’ll be fine! I desperately want us to be able to fire other stuff out of cannons, including monkeys and other animals, just because it’s fun, right?

Instead of seeking to monetize via micro transactions, Rares goal is to grow the popularity of the game by its stream of continual, exciting and fun content as described by engadget.

Could Sea of Thieves be “The Gamers Game” which many have been waiting for?

With a release date of 20 March 2018, Sea of Thieves is available for Pre-Order now for both Xbox One and PC.