Valve has made big data a whole lot more interesting for gamers.

As hacks become further advanced, it seems only natural that anti-cheats would become more powerful as well.

VAC, BattleEye, and EAC have been the leaders in this department. Each fighting over which one is the best anti-cheat. We’ve seen that PUBG’s recent success has brought with it some very painful reminders of what success can mean in games, especially games with loot boxes. PUBG currently uses Battle-Eye and it seems like it’s losing the war.

Values new technology anti-cheat technology, based on deep learning AI, is proving very impressive. The technology, which currently employs around 1700 processors split across a number of servers, analyses tens of thousands of CS:GO matches daily, looking for data which will help identify cheaters.

The AI has been so good that is had a 99% detection rate when first implemented a number of weeks ago. This value slowly goes down as the makers of the hacks implement workarounds.

Valve is looking to introduce the technology into future Steam titles.